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Penny's RX

I am pleased to present my friend and Healthcare Provider, Penny the PA (Physician Assistant). Penny has over 25 years of experience in Holistic Medicine and we will be hearing from her often in our journey towards better self, which includes better health. Welcome to  Penny’s Prescription.

Penny has over 25 years of experience in Holistic Medicine and we will be hearing from her often in our journey towards better self.

Penny the PA

Physician Assistant >

Hi All!  Penny the PA here:

Let’s now look at solutions/suggestions to lighten our loads and plug into and invest in what we enjoy in this life and what we want for ourselves. Let’s remember to honor the awesome ancestors of our past, while enjoying the present and get back to enriching our next generation (because believe me they are watching.)

 -Remember to Breathe more often...

  • Start the day with 5 open mouth breaths before you sit will feel a tingle all the way to your toes! Try it...its just oxygen...and so far its free here so enjoy!

  • Say a little prayer of thanks for all the little or big things in your life currently...Gratitude is an awesome way to start the day and allows you to be more grateful in this life...Living your true self really is a blessing.

-Break up the Day...

  • If you have a bad morning order/make your favorite lunch or dinner..(even if you have to fix something else for the family)...take a bath. have a glass of wine, listen to your favorite songs and sing out loud for 15min. As they say..."whatever floats your boat"..

  • Remember there are 3 ..8s in a day... 8 hours for sleep or rest; 8hours for community (we normally get paid for that..thank God), and 8 hours for personal time spent with family and friends and nurturing ourselves and the gifts that we are to this life.

-Take Vacations...

  • Needs to be every 3 to 4 months

  • Learn the power of Thursday through is really 3 business days yet 5 vacation days..woohoo..just plan well..we are extraordinary beings who have a right to be rewarded for doing routine

  • Everyone needs a break, and trust me, you will be better for the team you are on if you have a few days to replenish your Well/Self. (Don’t forget to think of and plan your next vacation at the current you something to look forward to)

  • You don't always have to go away on an elaborate vacation...there is power in watch your favorite a book..have a pajama day and do only what YOU want to they say..Whatever floats your boat!

We will talk again soon .I wish you all only love peace and blessings...thanks for listening...Penny the PA

Check here often for your prescriptions towards a better self!

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