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In 2005, Nicole Anderson woke up to find her husband had taken his last breath. 

Nicole shares her turmoil with us. She shows us how she survived her circumstances, and how she realized simply surviving wasn't good enough. 

She had went into what she calls "a funk". She tells us how she was able to rise up from a place she allowed herself to wallow in for far too long; how she learned to let her light shine and how she was able to soar above and beyond the limitations set for her. 

In this no-holds-barred guidebook, Nicole reminds us that although loss, sickness, death, grief and other circumstances can get us down, we can't allow ourselves to stay down. She acknowledges it is not easy, she identifies with the struggles you will go through, but she wants you to recognize that the Sunshine is in you— you can Rise Up, Shine Bright and Soar. 

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